In the Science Fair Laboratory at HERE. Set Design by Cate Hevner Kemp, Lighting by Lucrecia Briceno, photo by Kate Milford

In the Science Fair Laboratory at HERE. Set Design by Cate Hevner Kemp, Lighting by Lucrecia Briceno, photo by Kate Milford

Science Fair: An opera with experiments

In 9 words (and an ampersand):

A live science show with lessons & lectures in song

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A musical celebration of science, with lyrics created from the words of scientists & teachers, performed as songs with live experiments.


The Solar System skirt

The Solar System skirt

SCIENCE FAIR is an opera singer’s love-song to science. Conceived and performed by mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting ChinnScience Fair uses physical demonstrations and experiments, a libretto created from the words of scientists, and original music to illuminate our current understanding of the natural world. Celebrating curiosities like the formation of our solar system, the structure of the atom, and the ancient legacy of DNA, Science Fairpairs light-hearted humor with luscious operatic vocals to uplift the ordinary into the realm of wonder.

SCIENCE FAIR is also the culmination of a multi-year residency at HERE Arts Center in New York City. This fully-staged, theatrical presentation presents lyrics by well-known scientists and writers, including an astronomer, a chemist, a particle physicist, a Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer, and a middle school science teacher. The performance includes live demonstrations of basic scientific concepts that shape our understanding of the world, familiar classroom experiments elucidated and illuminated, slideshows with illustrations by comic artist Maki Naro, and even a wearable model of the solar system. 

Lyrics from the words of Natalie Angier, Phil Plait, Pamela Gay; additional lyrics and fact checking from Alissa Gildermann, Daniel Heller, Page van Meter, and Debbie Berebichez.

Music by Matthew Schickele, Renée Favand-See, Stefan Weisman, and Conrad Cummings

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We would be delighted to perform Science Fair at your theater, festival, conference, convention, university, museum, etc. Please visit the contact page to send inquiries.

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Original Run at here arts center, 2016

Photo by Kate Milford

Photo by Kate Milford

April 13 at 7 pm
April 15 at 7pm
April 16 at 7pm
April 17 at 2pm
April 20 at 7 pm with talkback panel to follow
April 22 at 7pm
April 23 at 7pm
April 24 at 2pm